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Most Children learn much more with one on one instruction and with focused tailored lessons plans specific to that child’s needs and learning style.

According to a report made by McKinsey & Company “The pandemic has set back learning for all students” and “the cumulative learning loss could be substantial, especially in mathematics—with students on average likely to lose five to nine months of learning by the end of this school year. Students of color could be six to 12 months behind, compared with four to eight months for white students. While all students are suffering, those who came into the pandemic with the fewest academic opportunities are on track to exit with the greatest learning loss.”

Former Education Secretary John King Jr. suggested during an interview with All Things Considered, that a national tutoring corps could bridge the gap and  that “Teachers are really going to have to individualize kids’ academic experience. They’re going to need to respond to exactly where kids are. They going to need to diagnose what they’ve missed, what they need, and then address any gaps that students have.”  

Corvallis Tutoring offers one-to- one personalized in-home instruction and instruction online as well.

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