Our Philosophy

We believe that every student has a unique learning style and that every student can achieve their goals with the proper nurturing.  The one-to-one learning  environment has been historically proven to be the most effective way to foster the growth of individuals. We strive to develop a unique working relationship with every student in all age groups and with the parents of K through 12 students. Tutors are matched with students  based on multiple factors including the strengths and experience of the tutor as well as compatibility- not just scheduling needs. We find that communication between tutor, student, and parents is essential in achieving the desired goals. We highly value student and parental feedback and input. Our mission is to take students from where ever they currently are to a higher level of achievement and confidence. We foster self-growth in order to achieve independent learning. Our highest aim is essentially to work ourselves out of a job by providing every learner with the tools they need to be successful moving forward.  We will always provide the necessary support as needs change. While we can never guarantee grades, we are confident that students will significantly improve from the one-on-one learning environment. There is no need too great to be realistically met through patience, hard work, and time.

About Us

At Corvallis Tutoring, we take a skills-based fundamental approach to learning for K through 6 students. For reading, we primarily use a phonics-based approach which provides the phonemic awareness to improve reading fluency and spelling. For math, we take a basic math facts approach to the subject. The firm foundation of memorization of basic math facts is the fundamental keystone for being successful with math at higher levels. When basic math facts become automatic, higher mathematics concepts can be built upon that foundation. For all students, we tailor every tutoring session specifically for that student and their stated goals. We provide a one- to- one learning environment in-home or virtually. While we primarily focus on the K-12 level, we can also provide services for college students and professionals. Tutoring can be short-term for one specific goal or longer-term for skill-based instruction or multiple goals.  There is no job too big or too small that we are not willing to assist with. Generally, tutoring is a process that requires multiple sessions and for younger students at least two sessions per week is recommended in order to be the most successful with retention. For older students, larger blocks of time can be scheduled for convenience or even single appointments for very specific assignments. We have no one-size-fits-all and we are pleased to accommodate all students in the capacity needed to achieve their specific goals.