2022 Summer Learning Gaps

To help prevent learning gaps developed over the summer, Corvallis Tutoring offers 25% off of Tutoring
along with the following benefits:

  • Easy/Flexible Online Scheduling
  • Personalized One-on-One Instruction
  • Comprehensive Feedback and Objective Based Tutoring
  • Corvallis Tutoring takes a skills-based fundamental approach to learning for K through 6 students.
  • For all students, we tailor every tutoring session specifically for that student and their stated goals.
  • Offers At Home Instruction in Person, Online, or a combination for full accessibility.
  • Open Communication and Regular Updates for Parents

We provide In person tutoring in the following areas: Albany, Corvallis, Monmouth, & Philomath.

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“Oregon Department of Education recognizes the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and student learning may be unfinished due to disruptions in schooling, and as such, schools should frame summer learning programs as significant opportunities to foster health and well-being, and accelerate learning. Summer learning can provide an opportunity to shift from recovery to renewal for every student.”

ODE: Summer Learning Best Practice

“Over the past year, the phrase “learning loss” has been used to describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on student learning. Despite a disrupted school year, there are countless stories and artifacts of student learning, progress, and strength. While academic learning may be unfinished, it is not lost. With commitment and care, educators, school leaders, school support staff, families and communities continue to provide students with opportunities to learn while also tending to students’ physical, social, and emotional needs. Remarkably, students continue to demonstrate new and deepening competencies such as problem solving in the
moment, navigating uncertainty, learning new technologies, and relying on the resilience and strength of family and community.”

ODE: Learning Unfinished, Not Lost

“One meta-analysis found that high-dosage tutoring was 20 times more effective than low-dosage tutoring in
math. In reading, high-dosage tutoring was 15 times more effective than low-dosage tutoring.”